The Disney Tattoo Part Deux: Think You Could Ever Get a Disney Tattoo?

Last week we took a look at the origins of a tattoo and different Disney tattoos scattered in various places across the internet. We asked …could you do it? Could you take your love for all things Disney and have it permanently inked onto your body? Lots of Mouze Kateerz fans responded. We asked you to show us your Disney tattoos…take a look!

Mouze Kateerz fan Kelly Jenkins from Independence Louisiana showed us this tattoo. “This Cinderella Castle tattoo is on my left foot with my daughters’ names written in Disney font.”

Disney tattoo, Cinderella castle tattoo, Disney tat, Disney ink

Our Mouze Kateerz staff writer Lisa Patrarca sent us this photo of her mom’s tattoo.

Mouze Kateerz fan Kristin Conti sent us this tattoo, “This is my husband’s Mickey tattoo with our daughter’s initials. We’re expecting a boy right now so he’s thinking of adding a Minnie bow to this tattoo and doing a Mickey with our son’s initials in it.”

tattoo, tattoos, Disney tattoos, Disney World tattoos, Cinderella tattoos,

Mouze Kateerz fan Lauren Staniszewski from Michigan shares her tattoo story, “First was my love of music, then came my love of Disney. Thus, here’s my treble clef with a hidden Mickey growing from it.”

Mouze Kateerz Fan Kelsey Strickland said of her Disney tattoo, “I’ve always liked this Simba tattoo, always wanted it somewhere, but I couldn’t decide where. I ended up getting it on my foot (pain in the butt, seriously!) But it was SO worth the shoe trouble for two weeks. I’m totally in love with it.”

Simba tattoo

It seems Kelsey is sporting not one but TWO Disney tattoos. She said of this design, “My other one is pretty self-explanatory! I just love Disney 🙂

Peace Love Disney, Mickey tattoo, Love tattoo

Mouze Kateerz fan Dawn Auten sent in this touching story for her photo, “This Tattoo was done in honor (for lack of a different word) of my lil guy who has autism. I got together with a close friend and we both got Autism related tattoos.  Since Mickey Mouse is my favorite, this is the design I came up with :). You can check him out @

Autism tattoo, Disney autism tattoo, Mickey Mouse tattoo

From Mouze Kateerz fan Rebecca Leduc, the story behind this tattoo, “This is my Disney tat, an ankle band with my kids names in Disney font.  I am looking forward to adding another Disney tat in the very near future.  I just have to pick one, and I am thinking Maleficent :)”

And finally to close out the photos, Mouze Kateerz fan Julie Stainfield sent us this amazingly detailed Wicked Queen tattoo.

Disney Wicked Queen, Wicked Queet tattoo, Disney ink, Disney tat, Disney colors, Snow White tattoo

So there you have it, actual tattoos being worn by actual Mouse fans, or Mouze fans. We all love Disney, some of us are just more daring in how we express it.

If you would like to see other fabulous Disney tattoos, here’s the original article. The Disney Tattoo: Are You a Big Enough Fan to Actually Do it?!

Thanks for stopping by for a photographical Disney ride, and we’ll see you in the tattoo parlor. Ok, some of you will be there!

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  1. so excited to see my tattoo on here! It made my day! I will send a pic when I get my other one! 🙂

  2. There is some beautiful work out there. I think I saw a person on TV once that had every single Disney character tattooed on his body. I’d do a temporary tattoo. And I’ve done the henna at EPCOT, which I loved and got lots of compliments on. So, Amanda, what is your small one?

    • Small flower I got in 1992 in Canada. I went several years ago to get a second one- three places- and they either couldn’t do it or were closed. I have been scheming lately, but it won’t be big. I am anti-pain!!


  1. […] The Disney Tattoo Part Deux: Think You Could Ever Get a Disney Tattoo? […]

  2. […] The Disney Tattoo Part Deux: Think You Could Ever Get a Disney Tattoo? […]

  3. […] The Disney Tattoo Part Deux: Think You Could Ever Get a Disney Tattoo? […]

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