Photographing Disney: What’s Better Than a Character Hug?!

Epcot Character Meet and Greet, Duffy Bear Meet and Greet, Epcot Duffy Bear, Duffy Bear Autograph, Epcot Characters

By Hiromi. 

A hug! What can be more endearing than giving or receiving one? A kiss is romantic, but a hug spans a larger range of affection, from a mother comforting her child to relatives running to greet one another at an airport. “Bro”mance hugs are seen, even in the most manliest of men, when expressing happiness or a friendly “hello.”

Chip and Dale Character Meet and Greets, Chip and Dale Disney, Disney Characters, Tomorrowland Character Meet and Greets,

Mouze Writer Shannan’s son, Zachary, hugging Chip (or Dale?!) in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.

Picture this…

A hug is essential when consoling someone who has lost a special person or pet in their lives. Who has a heart that doesn’t melt when you see a child hugging their favorite toy tightly?  A hug speaks from the heart, as one embraces another; a hug brings a feeling of warmth, comfort and joy.

Walt Disney World is filled with HUGS! Disney World HUGS are infectious and you can get these hugs at EVERY theme park. Here’s a photo from Shannan Wright, from Addicted to Mickey, of her son Zachary hugging it out with characters in the Magic Kingdom.

Wonderful places to score these memorable HUGS are the various Character Meet and Greets all over Disney World. Sometimes you will have to wait with your children for a long time for these HUGS which includes autographs. Be sure to have a Sharpie and an autograph book ready. Just know that these lines, especially during holiday times of year, can be longer than waiting for some of WDW’s rides and attractions.

Donald Duck Meet and Greet, Donald Duck autograph, Donald Character breakfast, Disney princess, Epcot Character Meet and Greet

Hiromi’s daughter Ro hugging Donald Duck at Epcot’s Character Meet and Greet.

Where is the BEST place to get these “Hugs” from your favourite Disney Characters?

Character Meals, Character Meet and Greets, Princess Meet and Greets, Crystal Palace Character Meal, Disney Eyore Character

Sophie and Eeyore HUG it out at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom.

Character meals, of course!

In addition to the photo ops., you can score autographs as well. The Characters come right to you during your meal, which gives you ample time to talk to them and HUG them. Here is a photo of Mike from My Dreams of Disney of his daughter Sophie embracing Eeyore at the Crystal Palace Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. What could be more touching than this?!

Even adults get infected with the Disney HUG bug! I’ve seen grown adults, myself included, get all giddy as we go to embrace a loveable, huggable Disney character. They melt our hearts. For a second, we’ve become children again, arms wrapped about their furry bodies. And that is what I think was part of Walt’s dream… for children to enjoy being children and for adults to feel the joy of being young again, one Disney HUG at a time!



Hiromi is an actor/writer and Martial Arts teacher. She also writes for Tips from the Disney Diva. She is proud and excited to be part of the Mouze Kateerz staff. She is also the wife half of “Hiromer,” where the husband takes photos with his latest Nikon Camera at Disney World, and she writes about them.

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