One More Disney Day: It’s 4 a.m. What Exactly Would You Do?!

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This isn’t a schedule of events; this is a what if?  What would you do if you were at one of the four Disney parks at 4 a.m.?  If you are one of the lucky thousands to be in Orlando on February 29th, which is today, Disney is giving you unprescented accesss to the wee hours of the morning by staying open twenty-four hours straight for One More Disney Day. We can’t all go. (bummer) I’m not going. (double bummer) But the Magic of Disney is about dreams, even if they don’t always come true, and we can certainly dream, can’t we?

Just what would you do if you were at one of the four Disney parks at 4 a.m.?

I’ve actually been in the Magic Kingdom at 3 a.m. several times. Last June when we stayed at Bay Lake Tower, we took advantage of Extra Magic Hours. I had taken a nap each day. I’d been walking 4-5 miles a day for months to get ready for this vacation. But by 3 in the morning, I was tired and my feet hurt even when I wasn’t walking.  4 a.m. on March 1st? I think I would be on a sidewalk in the Magic Kingdom, eating a snack from the bakery, my kids sampling off my plate.

We asked around Mouze Kateerz on Facebook to find out where Disney fans like yourself would go for some One More Disney Day of late night fun.

Wishes fireworks, Magic Kingdom at night, Cinderella castle at night, Disney at night, Bob Angelo, an occasional writer for Mouze Kateers and a co-host of the popular Mouse Chat podcast, said he will actually be in the parks for One More Disney Day.At 4 a.m., if I’m not in search of coffee, I’ll probably be on Main Street, hoping to get pictures of a near empty park, especially around Cinderella Castle.”  You can probably find Bob’s late-light re-cap at Everything Walt Disney World or his Facebook page. Thank him for these great night photos…

Hiromi Okuyama, from Toronto, Canada, and a Mouze Kateerz Staff Writer said, “If we were pulling an ‘all-nighter’ at WDW, it would be in Epcot. My 7-year-old daughter felt that Epcot was the most adventurous! If Test Track was open (which it’s not right now,  boo hoo) we would definitely ride  and feel the speed under the night sky. Perhaps go on nightly spy mission with KIM POSSIBLE and save the world. We would visit each “country” and see how they party it up like it’s 1999! And if our feet got tired, we would sit in the many places by the lake and take in the wonder of Epcot’s serene as well as architectural beauty.”

Andrea Canaday, a loyal Mouze Kateerz follower, said ,”Let me tell you, if we were at Disney on the 29th for the “One More Disney Day,” I would have to say at 4:00 am we would be eating a Dole Whip, while Shelby (my daughter) is eating a huge pickle, while standing in line to ride again (probably for the 25th time) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad while we are waiting to watch, probably again, the Frontierville Hoedown. Oh, if only we could attend!”

Sue Held of Bloomington, Il., said she would “Ride and play Buzz Lightyear as many times as I could!! And then cruise Main Street hand in hand with my husband. ”

Epcot at night, Spaceship earth at night. Epcot night photos, Epcot ball night, World showcase at night, Amy Veuleman from South Louisiana said, “We would take in all the little extra bits of mouse magic that usually gets lost in the crowd. The small attention to detail makes the place extra special. I would take in window displays, the titles at the tops of buildings on main. And get the best castle pic ever!”   Amy pointed out she’s super excited over their 5th Disney trip coming up in May.

Roberta Oden of Fairhope, Alabama, related her dream, “Once we had a very, very late reservation at Le Cellier. We saw maybe 6 people as we left the park. The lights were still all on, music almost a bit too loud without the crowd noises. I let my sleepy preschooler get out of the stroller to run around on the lights in the pavement. I just stood there watching him, hoping I’d keep that memory forever. If I was there at 4 a.m… I’d join in with him this time. Even though he’s a big 10-year-old this year. I’d hope there was just enough magic left that he’d let me run around with him. That’s what I’d do.”

Haunted Mansion at night, Haunted mansion photo, Magic Kingdom at night, magic Kingdom Extra magic HoursLisa Bergman of Boston University said she’d “Ride and re-ride the Haunted Mansion,” and so did Janet Morrow  from Kenosha, WI  “I would be in the Haunted House with my hubby; that’s our favorite ride!!”

Now I love taking pictures at night at Disney, so once I finished up my snack and put my kids on a ride, I’d bring out my camera and pray for some good shots. Several Mouze fanz had the same idea. Winkie Sanderson said, “I would photograph all the night magic.”

Nicole Snyder of Newburgh, Indiana, would have her camera at the ready as well. “I would probably fill my camera with pictures. It’s so difficult to take pictures with all the people there. It would be great to get some with only my kids and no strangers. Then I’d probably take my 15 and 13 yr old and skip down main street. 🙂 then ride the Space  Orbiter until we felt sick!” Disney tea cups, Disney Fantasyland expansion, Disney fantasyland photos, Disney night photography

Dennis Rancont of Birmingham, Al, said he would stop by the “Jungle Cruise, to see how giddy the Skipper and the crew would be at 4 a.m.” They’ll be giddy as all get-out, I’m sure, Dennis!

Erin Guymon of Boise, Idaho,  said because of their geographical location, if she could make it, she would be at Disneyland. “I would be on Peter Pan since that is the first ride I can remember riding on as a child. It would be awesome.”

Magic Kingdom fireworks, Magic Kingdom Wishes, Wishes photos, Disney wishes, Disney at night, Disney castle at night,

And there’s the point isn’t it? A Disney vacation is about making new memories for our kids, and re-living old memories for ourselves. So if you didn’t make it for this One More Disney Day, there is plenty of time to make plans for your own One More Day, no special holiday required.

Thanks for coming along for a photographical ride!


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See ya soon!



  1. I’m hoping to go myself and see what the park is like in the wee hours. Not sure what we’ll do, but I mostly would like to see what kind of guests you get in the park around 2am. Probably just adults, I’m hoping!!

    • I don’t have a Facebook account, unfortunately. But you can read about my experience on my blog:

      • Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have to check it out. Not a facebook fan? I like it for news, and I use facebook for most of my e-mailing.

      • With email, two blogs, twitter, I can’t take on one more thing! 🙂

      • If you ever want to join up on some articles, I’ve started doing some combined writing for short things like snacks, restaurant reviews, etc. Love to have you do some things with us. I tried twitter and it wasn’t for me. Now facebook- I get half my readers each day from facebook. So I gotta stick with it a bit more!!

      • Hmm, sounds interesting. We go to Disney about once a month or so, except the summer when my ticket is blacked out. But I could write some stuff for you. Do you assign people stuff to write about? Or just take any well written stuff about food and restaurants?
        As for Twitter, I don’t know why I’m doing it. Not much response on it. I was told it would help my blog exposure!

      • Well, speaking of Facebook… We have a closed group where we, 5 of us, toss around ideas. Then I just gather the opinions and put it in article form. We are doing a snack article on Monday. If you have a favorite Disney snack with a good picture, e-mail it to me at with links to your site(s). (I did a snack article on Monday about 5 snacks- only 1 of those was mine) If you have good pictures of a resort, inside and out, e-mail me the pictures and a description, maybe 2 paragraphs. I add background and prices. If you read through my old stuff, you can see how there’s a lot of collaboration. Occasionally people will write their own articles, but it’s usually just me. Not that I discourage it- they’re just busy. I bet you would get a better response from facebook, maybe? I got zilch from Twitter. Would love to do some stuff together! Amanda.

      • I don’t have any pictures of food right now. I’ll see what I can come up with on my next visit. We should be going to Flower and Garden in a couple of weeks. The interior/exterior resort that I have photos of is Port Orleans, which I’ve already posted on my site. If I come up with an idea during my next visit, I’ll let you know. Thanks!!

      • Hey, e-mail me at I was actually planning on running something on Port Orleans this Thursday. I’d like to use some of your pictures/comments on Riverside. I think the guy I work with sent me French Quarter shots, and I’m not ready for that one yet. Love to have you write with me/us. You write well and your pictures are great! I can run anything – rides, food, shopping, whatever. I’m a mish-mash of Disney!!


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