The Disney Princess and Her Jewelry: Silver and Bold

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That is not a mis-print: I really did mean to say silver and bold! All Disney Princesses dream of silver and gold, but who can afford gold in this lousy economy? So we’re going with silver jewelry and Mickey bold.

Spending time in a Walt Disney World gift shop can be an experience all on its own. I grew up window shopping in Disney gift shops. Aren’t we all pretty much broke before our first jobs?  I still spend a lot of quality time looking through the shops, especially in the summer when’s it’s insanely hot.  A Disney vacation has something for every budget and every taste. Looking for something special for yourself or the Disney Princess  in your life?  Today the Mouze is talking silver jewelry. Yo ho, yo ho, the jewelry life for me…

Disney-themed jewelry is abundant in The World of Mouse, with a range starting about $4 on the low-end for metal charms and bracelets to thou$and$ for gold jewelry with diamonds.  All the sterling silver in the today’s photographs were found at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in their gift shop off the main hotel lobby.  Coronado’s gift shop is above-average in terms of high-end jewelry selections compared to some of the other resort gift shops, and it’s a fabulous place to spend some time grabbing  a snack, taking a walk around the property, and perhaps bring home a little souvenir. A little silver souvenir…

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These three Disney necklaces feature intricate craftsmanship, diamonds, and marcasite.  Marcasite jewelry is made from pyrite, more commonly known as “fool’s gold,” and not actually from the mineral marcasite.  Pyrite is quite similar to marcasite but it’s really a lot more durable long-term. Marcasite jewelry has been produced for Princesses as far back as ancient Greece and was particularly popular in the 18th century, the Victorian Era, and with Art Nouveau jewelry designers.  Most of the Disney sterling silver jewelry I looked at ranged in price from $100 to $300, depending on the stones and the size of the piece.  These are quality pieces of jewelry that can be handed down to the next generation of Disney fans. A little silver souvenir…wear that Mickey proudly. Go silver, be bold.

Disney Chamilia charms, Swarovski elements charms, Disney colection chamilia charms, disneycharms, disney silver charms, disney store chamilia charmsCharm bracelets have undergone some major changes in recent years, and partnered with Chamilia, Disney offers a wide range of their popular characters in sterling silver charm form.  Add the beauty of silver with crystal Swarovski elements and Italian Murano glass, and you’re looking at something precious you may choose to wear every day. Unless your little angel borrows it to accent her Disney Princess dress, and that would make all The Disney Moms proud.

Chamilia charms start in price at about $38 each, extending into the $135 range for their sterling silver items. Chamila is running a promotion now for free shipping for each purchase over $105.  I think I’ll stick to making my purchases in the gift shops, but you can click here for the Chamila website if you can’t wait until your next vacation.

Once I finished shopping in the Coronado Springs Gift Shop, I grabbed a some lunch and headed out to the lake.  Look at this view…

coronado springs resort, disney's coronado springs resort, disney gift shop, coronado springs lake, coronado springs pool, coronado springs convention center

Whew. Window shopping, lunching, and enjoying a beautiful lake overlooking a Mayan-temple themed pool. This life is enough to wear out any Disney Princess. In case you don’t make it over to the Coronado Springs Resort, and you should, if only for an afternoon adventure, then Downtown Disney has a large selection of jewelry in “the Jewelry Room” at The World of Disney.  Main Street, U.S.A in the Magic Kingdom has a large variety of silver and gold jewelry, plus Princess favorite Dooney & Bourke handbags.  Epcot has a large selection of watches and silver jewelry at Mouse Gear near Innoventions. A little silver souvenir…wear that Mickey proudly. Go silver, be bold!!

So all you Disney Princesses, we’ll see you at the jewelry counter, or maybe for a stroll by the lake.

Thanks for coming along for a photographical ride!


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See ya soon!

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