Gateway to the Disney Worlds of Make-Believe

Blue is in the Eye of the Beholder

Every photo has a story.

Fantasyland is a gateway to the worlds of make-believe. Faraway kingdoms and adventures in imaginary realms lie in every corner. You can live in your daydreams and look into the windows of your childhood. Neverland isn’t the only place where nobody ever grows up.

The Imagineers, from The Imagineering Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom.

Castle Dreamlights

Picture this…It’s been estimated that about 30,000 pictures are taken of Cinderella Castle every day.  There are 18 castle towers; each tower and castle spire has been topped with gold paint for an extra sparkle. Because it’s always viewed in pristine condition, have you ever wondered how many days the Castle has ever been vandolized?  Exactly one. That was the day they opened Stitch’s Great Escape. I’m sort of glad I wasn’t there to see the toilet paper and grafitti, because it might have spoiled the image for me, like drawing a Sharpee marker moustache on the Mona Lisa.

People stop dead on the sidewalk to take photos of the castle, and they don’t care how fast you’re walking close behind when the urge hits to take that picture.  There’s something that draws you into it; maybe it’s because castles aren’t something we encounter in our every day reality. This Disney structure, above all else, mesmorizes me.

I should probably appologise now if you ran into me on that sidewalk.

 Thanks for coming along for a photographical ride!

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  1. Like the site, I’m working on reliving my wife’s and mine past memories of Disney at my blog. We’ve been hooked on all things Disney ever since our honeymoon!

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