Make a Wish at Disney’s Wishes…

Grab a spot behind Cinderella castle the fireworks show.

Every photo has a story.

About 9 years ago, I read an internet web site suggestion as to where to watch the end of day fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. For my young children’s first visit, I wanted this to be special.  One suggestion was behind the castle, because it was less congested.  I honestly thought this sounded nuts, lacking the beautiful full-castle view, but I dragged my family there anyway.  I’m not a fan of crowds; I seek out the quiet spots, few as they often seem.  Within feet of the Dumbo ride, fireworks exploding from the adjacent roof tops, I stood transfixed.  We all did.

The “Wishes” sound track is absolutely incredible, yet I’ve made it a point not to purchase it.  I want the sounds, the emotions, to feel fresh when I’m there.  The music was cranked from speakers hidden from view in the bushes.  The back set of fireworks was launching from the barge out in the swamp.  And now we had to make a choice- fireworks from the roof, or from the barge, where do you look?  Constant movement of the head, blending with a constant tugging at the heart.

I gathered my three small children close to my side, and felt my husband’s hand on my shoulder.  I squeezed this hand, hugged the kids, felt the tears fall. Disney, the maker of memories, the fulfiller of dreams, the achiever of “Wishes.”  The tears fall every time I stand there in my spot, my place by the Dumbo ride. Choking back the sobs as my children grow older, the passing years grow hazier, I wipe the tears while Dumbo flies on throughout the fireworks show.

And there I stand, wiping the tears, making a wish…

Thanks for stopping by for a Disney photographical ride!

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  1. My husband and I are heading back in sept, I will have to try watching from here. We ended up w trees blocking our view for holiday wishes. :/

  2. i watched from back there once and although i liked it… it was a different view point. i still have to say that my favorite place to watch the fireworks is from the poly beach. it’s just such a romantic spot.

  3. This post sums up why I want to go to Disney for EVERY vacation instead of a “relaxing” vacation somewhere else (my husband’s words!). Love it.

  4. MommaScifs says:

    I thought I was being silly when I choked up watching the fireworks @ the Magic Kingdom, seeing the awe in my kids eyes. I’m so relieved to know I’m not the only one! Thank you!!

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